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We can't make devices for the following brands because we were unable to obtain their approval.

AEA, AKG, Alesis, Alice, Ams-Neve, Analogue Solutions, Anamod, Aphex, Art, BBE, Bittree ProStudio, Blue Microphones, BSS, Burl Audio, Capi, Chandler Limited, Chippmann, Cranborne Audio, Cwejman, Dav Electronics, dbx, Dolby, Dramastic Audio, Electrodyne, Fairman, Fender, Fmr, Focusrite, Fredenstein, Groove Tubes (Fender), Heritage Audio, Highland Dynamics, Ibanez, JHS Pedals, Kerwax, Korg, Kush Audio, Lavry, Laz, Lexicon, Maselec, MindPrint, Moog, Oberheim, Pendulum Audio, Presonus, Radial engineering, Rane, Rme, Roger Mayer, Roland, Rolls, Samson, Serpent Audio, Shadow Hills Industries, Sherman, Shure, Slate Pro Audio, Soundcraft, Studer, Summit Audio, Switchcraft, Tech21, Tube-tech, Wunder Audio, Yamaha.
If you need a device from one of these brands, please ask them to contact us.




All Session Recall devices were created with the agreement of the proprietary brands, but without any affiliation between Session Recall and the brands in question.