Digital recall sheets

Session Recall is an application designed to save the settings of analog devices without memories. It will allow you to save complete configurations of one or more devices into sessions that you can recall at any time. Whether you are a musician, a composer, or an audio engineer, Session Recall will flawlessly integrate into your workflow and will save your precious time.

  • Save and organize your settings in sessions and sub-sessions.
  • Create new sessions from your own templates.
  • Manage your sessions using versions, comments and dates.
  • Automatic archiving and removal of the sessions.
  • Copy settings from one device to the other.
  • Preset manager with categories and tags.
  • Patch cables for synthesizers and patchbays.
  • Link device channels for faster editing.
  • Add labels and stickers to your devices.
  • Add notes and photos to your sessions.
  • Installation and activatation of the devices from the app.
  • Support HDPi and Retina displays.